White Crystal Photography

About White Crystal Photography

My name is Robert “Bob” Reynolds. I’m an enthusiast or advanced hobbyist photographer who also does commissioned work from time to time. I focus on nature subjects and also enjoy photographing persons, pets/animals, events, the night sky, and anything else interesting.

I capture raw files instead of out-of-camera JPEG images; these are like digital film negatives. I then use a digital “developing” process, primarily using Adobe Lightroom, to make regular digital images and prints from those raw files. I use a variety of additional software for this process. I shoot with post-production in mind: my camera’s image previews will often look quite different from the finished results.

I have studied physics at the University of Rochester and worked primarily in various information technology roles. I’m a serious fan of J.R.R. Tolkien; I study his language Quenya and this website’s title is a subtle homage to several elements in his works.